Patrick Vernon
social commentator and cultural historian

" I believe this monument featuring the anchor of the Empire Windrush could be a source of inspiration for generations of black, brown and white people in Britain seeking to understand racism, white privilege, and trying to establish a society where citizenship and belonging is for all.
It will symbolise migration, racial equality and the shared history of belonging and citizenship.
Like the Statue of Liberty it can become a beacon of hope "


David Mearns
deep-sea shipwreck hunter

" I have seen first-hand how important a physical object, like the bell of HMS Hood, can be in connecting people to the memory of a ship and her crew.
I am in no doubt that Windrush’s anchor will become a similar ‘touchstone’ for the Windrush Generation and the wider public "


Rudi Page
community mentor and facilitator

" My 'Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme' is a legacy project, which seeks to deliver festivals, events and educational workshops. The primary aim is to bring people together in local communities and the wider diaspora regardless of background, culture, or status. WAHEP is founded on core values of hope, resilience, peaceful caring and the development of enterprising neighbourhoods... so very much in harmony with those of the national campaign "


Max Holloway
tradigital visual communicator

" Maritime anchors have been universal symbols of hope, strength, stability, permanence and belonging for over 2000 years.
These are core values closely associated with the 1948 pioneers and subsequent British Windrush generations... including my late wife and her parents who arrived here in 1956.
A memorial incorporating the iconic anchor would be a powerful indicator of our nation's continued commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion "

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