Press, media companies, news channels, social commentators and the general public frequently source this image to support articles and programmes.

One of the most instantly recognisable photographs in the world, it depicts a key moment of British history over 70 years ago... and the stern anchor of Empire Windrush sits centre stage.

Our project seeks to reclaim that unique item of heritage identified with, and underpinned by values essential to any nation embracing shared citizenship.


Britain has long welcomed migrant settlers, but the 1948 British Nationality Act and arrival of Empire Windrush at Tilbury marked a pivotal point in the development of multicultural UK post World War II.

Without those two events, Britain today would be unrecognisable and significantly bereft of its current rich cultural diversity.

A new connectivity with factual British narrative awaits, one which truly reflects enduring legacy and meaningful affirmation of wider national conscience.


Mostly, monuments are erected by governments and organisations to establish, reaffirm and reinforce pre-existing or institutional agenda.

But they can deliver pertinent messages, beyond mere approval of achievement or individual excellence.

Monuments and memorials should not only speak truth to our past, they must guide, inform and champion better standards for our future.


Globally recognised as a symbol of hope, there is an abundance of positive connotations associated with anchors. They are a provocative and powerful metaphor for strength, stability, permanence and belonging.

These core attributes are closely ascribed to the pioneers of 1948 and principles of genuine optimism carried by all migrant settlers. Hence, the proposed recovery of Empire Windrush’s stern anchor.

What better to place at the heart of a memorial than the Windrush anchor which echoed the hope, aspirations and dreams of those people arriving on these shores.


Our vision is that final presentation, design, augmented digital facility and location will be taken in full consultation with the public… but the first step is to get the anchor back !

Extensive research has been conducted and logistical issues are presently being discussed.

A tangible piece of Windrush has never been so close and now there is real opportunity to secure a poignant touchstone for subsequent generations.

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