Pleased by the Prime Minister’s 2023 comments, in recognition of pioneers who anchored their families here " by building new lives in the UK and profoundly shaping this nation " ... we seem very close to receiving official permission for recovery.

In 2024 we're taking our commitment to community consultation a step further and now invite public suggestions for potentially siting the world's most famous anchor.

Your thoughts are welcomed on twitter using the hashtag #WindrushAnchor or in writing to patrickvernon@btconnect.com 


Throughout the year, discussions continued regarding our request for Government permission to recover the stern anchor from the wreck of HMT Empire Windrush

At the time of Windrush75 celebrations, it was pleasing to see encouraging words from the Prime Minister. We feel these reflect positively on our message connecting metaphor with history. The PM's comments came in a personal letter to our campaigner Rudi Page, in recognition of his work on fostering community pride and upholding the values of respect and inclusion

In line with our campaign commitment to public consultation, we are now inviting suggestions for potential UK locations to site the anchor.


Following the House of Commons statement, we are now well on our way to meeting all three provisos set by Westminster for recovery of the anchor. Messages of public support continue to be welcomed at patrickvernon@btconnect.com

In July 2022, MP Dawn Butler hosted the launch event of Windrush75 where our friends at INCE announced a charitable trust ‘The Windrush Anchor Foundation’ is being established and that selection of Trustees is underway.
TradeWinds article by Gary Dixon about UK law firm INCE’s support

Also... a life-size cardboard replica is presently touring the London Borough of Brent courtesy of Rudi Page's “Hope, Resilience and Progression” Windrush75 Communities Anchor Project.


Website launch

Project raised in the House of Commons, 1 July 2021

Production company discussions

Engagement with interested parties

Funding channels explored

TEAM PRESENTATION HOSTED BY UBELE INITIATIVE featuring a detailed 22 minute logistics presentation by Shipwreck Hunter David L Mearns at 10:00 - 32:00

Project promotion considerations on hold due to Covid-19 pandemic


Press & media coverage plus early launch of GoFundMe page

Public Consultation Meeting with agreement that design & location should be determined by the community

Patrick Vernon & David Mearns take project lead with team meeting at BCA, advising independent development free of Government

Information leaflet packs distributed to city libraries during Black History Month, Twitter account created & temporary Facebook page set up

Approval sought from Her Majesty… two months later, Government announces plans for a Windrush Memorial at Waterloo Station


Campaign shared with Black Cultural Archives, The Windrush Foundation, inner-city London Borough Mayors & County Hall

Government Heritage Minister and the National Maritime Museum informed of campaign

Project Proposal Feasibility Report complied

Research enquiries to New Zealand Maritime Museum, NZ Shipping Association Organisation & other bodies

Concept presented to Historic England… three months later, news breaks of the Hostile Environment 


Anchor enquiries to Blohm and Voss

Initial research conducted into Empire Windrush

Digital development of ‘Black Migration Anchor’

Project roots 

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